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Japanese Corporation Sets Up Regional Office in Singapore

March 15, 2014

Singapore: Mizuno Singapore Pte Ltd has been launched ‘to be nearer to its customers’. Set up as the company’s regional headquarter, the new office is led by Kiyoshi Tatani, President of Mizuno Singapore Pte Ltd.

A key strategy is to act on various regional local platforms ranging from increasing retail and digital presence to elite athletes and community sponsorships. There are also plans to support major sporting events such as next year’s Southeast Asian Games in Singapore.

Mizuno officials celebrate the opening of the Singapore office.

Mizuno officials celebrate the opening of the Singapore office.

Tatani said: “Being in Singapore allows us to better promote our products and services to our customers and give them a closer touch and feel of the brand.”

The products being introduced in Asia Pacific will consist of latest Mizuno’s technologies that are backed by intensive research and development without missing out on the Japanese essence and culture. Tatani said he is geared towards bringing the Japanese authenticity and integrating it with the local culture.

The new office is located in Changi Business Park and cost Mizuno Corporation an estimated US$500,000 to set up. With a state-of-the-art showroom and a team of 15 members consisting of Japanese and Singaporeans, Mizuno Singapore Pte Ltd is steadily working towards expanding the business in Asia Pacific.