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Simplot Expands Turf and Horticulture Business

December 5, 2018

Boise, Idaho, United States: The JR Simplot Company is expanding its turf, horticulture and specialty plant nutrition business to the southeastern United States.

‘Simplot Partners’ will now operate new locations in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. The new locations will offer a complete line of plant nutrients, plant protection, specialty products and maintenance options for nursery, turf and specialty agricultural professionals.

According to Golf Business News, Dr Jeff Higgins, Manager of Business Development for Simplot’s southeast locations, said that plans for the new locations are being finalised, with hiring and operations ramping up to full service starting next summer.

“We’re excited to establish a presence here,” he said. “We’re a 90-year-old, family-owned company that operates in a range of industries serving food, agriculture and other related, specialised industries like golf course and turf management. Our focus on long-term relationships is a true differentiator for our Partners business.”

Simplot Partners offers a complete line of products that meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including golf courses, landscapers, nursery operators, municipalities and athletic field managers.

The company’s turf was used at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Simplot also offers a proprietary line of premium turf colorants and many other ornamental plant management products.

An Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation, Simplot Partners has locations in 16 other states, all in the West, as well as two locations in Australia.